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03:19pm 10/01/2005
mood: happy

yay im so excited for exams to be over cuz my next semester classes are simple:

1st- PDM

2nd- Anatomy

3rd- Intro to film

4th- School Store

5th & 6th- practicum at crittenton


good luck everyone!!

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09:19am 02/10/2004
mood: loved

Today i had work from 10-5 which was boring...yes sir

Then i went out to buddy's with nicks parents mm pizza

nick hates me

i love him tho

te hehehehe... to get drunk or not to get drunk.....:-)..........................


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baby boo   
04:40am 02/10/2004

This is a contribute to those who helped fix my livejournal...Krystal, Nick.... THANK YOU!

i love you nick so much, even if youre WORKING on our 7mos (mean :-(   .....)

until next time///



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anonymous me   
08:41pm 01/04/2004
mood: grateful

Wow today was a good april fools day... i got 2 ppl and only one person got me : )

Got kinda shaky tho when Zach was mad because Kayla said to him that i said some shit that i didnt... thats so f.d up when ppl have to lie after they say shit too... Especially when its way obvious...loser, anyways i dont think zachs mad ne more and plus stac made me feel better : ) i love her

So yea last but def. not least, I got to chill with Nick and it was our one month and we had whipped cream and stuff and yea... ;-) i love him too


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09:33pm 23/03/2004
mood: giggly

lalalalala today is such a greeeaat day (idk why tho)

i gave blood yesterday i feel so giving :) but i fainted afterwards which was kinda cool bcuz they like come to yer rescue and wait on you and massage yer back :)

today i woke up early to go out to breakfast and stac didnt want to go and i was upset at her for that but didnt say nothin, anyways after school it was soooo nice out (54 degrees) lmao... so we had the top down, and yeah...

i wasnt "allowed" to hang out with nick today but then zack said it was ok? wtf he needs to get over himself, so i didnt choose to hang out with them

work was cool norris was being sweet as hell so i wasnt bored and this kid asked for my number but i said no cuz i only got one love :)



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01:51pm 21/03/2004
mood: bored

Ohh i got to sleep in til like 12 today it was nice : )

Werkin 4- 9 today

This entry was pointless.


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08:54pm 18/03/2004
mood: indescribable

Hey! wow been a LONG time since i wrote in here... im bored so i figure ill update

Today started out not so good because school was lame and me and Dave Cox bumped cars and i was just in one of those crappy moods you know those days......

Then i got to see Nick and i was much much happier and i had a -:-great-:- time with him, and then i got to chill with lauren and stacey so the day ended well

"i wana ride wit ya...ride wit ya...ride wit ya
i wana move wit ya ..move wit ya.. move wit ya"

Ive been so tired this week... im glad tomarrows friday... i need a fresh start on monday..... peace playas


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Wonka Nerrrdzzz   
03:53pm 29/01/2004
mood: cheerful

Mua hahahahahaha

the linkin park concert was the best omg i know this is late me writing this but omg ive never been in a mosh pit and its the best fing thing in the world..damnnnnnnnnnn unbelievable~







youre hott ;-)


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~:~tHaTs MiNe~:~   
05:32pm 26/01/2004
mood: excited

Everything is so amazing wow i have the best classes and the best friends........i love my life

I got ran off the highway on friday, but its ok i guess, my car is in perfect shape and so am i : )

Im happy because no work + the linkin park concert= tomarrow yay! Armand is so coo for taking me lol i am gona look so dumb not knowing what to do at a rock concet but thats ok... he can look dumb with me : )

"guess what i found...a horse's head in a bag by the theater... so i put flesh eating bugs in there so i could study the bones, and now theyre gone...you believe me right?"           -cRaCkMaN

    .//~\\.hmm...naughy yet sophisticated.//~\\.


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Oh baby you got what i need, but you say im just a friend.   
05:21pm 17/01/2004
mood: cheerful

So thursday was a snowday yay and i went shopping, WHICH i cant do barely ne more because tb is cutting everyones hrs cuz theres no business in the winter ahh!  and i chilled with Armand and we went to the Olive Garden and saw Chasing Liberty which was a really awesome movie i liked it a lot.

Friday we had school and my exams went reallllll good i got 100% on my microbiology exam...i let matt copy me fo $5 so he also got an 100...hmm is that morally wrong? im not sure, money is money. Then after school i went with Shelly, Armand, Steph, Lee, and Matt to the bball game at Roch and saw Along came Polly which is soo f.ing halarious omg and i had icecream with shelly,which was damn good mmm lol then i went to Armands and spent the night there, but we didnt get no sleep and he had something at like 6 in the morning omg tooo early to get up for a weekend lol.

Saturday i had work but they cut me at like 12 which blew because i really really need hours, then i was lazy for most of the day because it started snowing again lol omg. Then i went to Joel's and chilled with him for a while, omg Torque is such a horrible movie no one go see it ok!

Today i had a lunch date at Charlie's crab shack thing at like 11 this morning which went realllllllll well hehe. Then i had work which also blew again and once more hrs being cut so im home early and im writing this.......come on get happy : ) i love you


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